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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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May, 2019

Seminar Questions For Exemplary_professor001

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1.List the name of the agreement and the countries involved for each of the ageements, provide your opinion, based on whether each of the trade agreements is beneficial to the U.S. Provide examples. THis should be no more than 250 words.2. We talked about any different activities and barriers with international trade.which two were most important to you and why—Minimum of two references. write 250 words about what moreyou learned about the two topics. LP5 DISCUSSION:MT6580 Your company is going to penetrate into a new market. Using one of your chosen countries, analyze and choose at least three strategic approaches that you could use to enter the market. (Some of some strategic approaches for you to choose from include joint venture, divestiture, forward integration, backward integration, retrenchment, liquidation market development, market penetration, product development, service development, horizontal integration, vertical integration, concentric diversification, conglomerate diversification, and innovation).Defend your position and give examples for the one you feel is the best approach. In your four responses to your peers, critique their choices and suggest alternate strategies for market penetration in their chosen country. You will need a minimum of two references and associated in-text citations in your initial post. LP5 DISCUSSION:HA6510 Identify and discuss the best practices in the health care area which you have learned in this class which can be applied to health care issues in your community.Support your analysis with specific examples. Validate your points with the use of references. Citations must be in proper APA format for both in-text and reference entries.
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