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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Jun, 2019

Case Study: Rose

Write my research paper
•Analyze whether Rose should undergo clinical exercise testing. Support your decision with a clear rationale. •Explain your role and duties to Rose, as well as your recommendation for or against clinical exercise testing. Be convincing in your explanation so that Rose fully understands your recommendations and rationale. •Assess Rose’s potential risks and complications involved in exercising and/or exercise testing. •Recommend a specific intensity and duration for daily exercise to Rose. State the rationale for your recommendation. •Recommend two specific dietary changes which may aid Rose in losing weight. Support your work with your course text and the Supervision of Exercise Testing by Nonphysicians ( Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. article. You may utilize additional resources, as desired. Your initial posting must be at least 250 to 300 words in length. Guided Response: Respond to two peers by Day 7. Each reply should entail a minimum of 100 words and encompass a comparison of your decisions and rationale. Compare and contrast your assessment of risks and complications, as well as recommendations for exercise and dietary changes to the work of your peers.Purchase the answer to view it
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