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Sample questions

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Jan, 2019

3,5 Pg Assignm. On Public Health Administration/CREATING A Jobdescription For A Publ Helath Professional

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Part 1 Create a new job description for a position in public health following best human resource management practices. The job description should include the following:· 1) Essential job duties· 2) Essential qualifications· 3) An average salary range for this position· 4) Recruitment and hiring strategies for this position· 5) Related employment laws (e.g., civil rights, age discrimination) Part2 Describe: 1)how the job description (including duties and qualifications) might be different today from those needed in the recent past (e.g., 5 years ago) and why. 2)Describe which best practices in human resources management you followed when creating this job description and explain why you considered them to be best practices.The screen shots attached are PART of the BOOk chapter, the tables I could NOT copy-pasted Purchase the answer to view it
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